Google Search API Worms 3

Thu, 05 Oct 2006 02:05:51 GMT
by pdp

I found an interesting post from Schneier's blog about SQL injection vulnerabilities that can be enumerated with Google. Then I read the follow up link of the original post from Michael Sutton's blog. In his post titled "How Prevalent Are SQL Injection Vulnerabilities?" Michael goes into details how to enumerate SQL Injection vulnerabilities with Google.

All that reminded me of my discussion about Google AJAX Search API worms. So, I decided to try and see how far an attacker can go with Michael's findings and my AttackAPI.

After 20 minutes in front of VIM I had a working code of a proof of concept tool that can enumerate quite a lot of SQL injection issues and with a little bit of guessing in a bruteforce manner exploit them. I am not 100% sure for the second part of this statement since I haven't really tried to exploit the vulnerable sites although in theory it should work.

To me it is obvious that new generation of worms will conquer the web sooner than I originally thought. I am blindly guessing!