WSDL Digest 200606

Fri, 30 Jun 2006 09:39:58 GMT
by pdp

OK, this is my WSDL digest for 30th June 2006. I am not promising that I will publish similar information every month. In fact I am not planning to. In fact I don't think it is nice thing to do. Most of the services in this digest are public. I used conventional techniques to uncover the URLs. Those who want to repeat my work check out my post on Web Service discovery practices.

While collecting these WSDL services, I realized that python has no WSDL tools that suit my needs. Most of them are too big, too heavy and too dependent on other libraries. In the past, I have built a WSDL processing library for the sole purpose to help me out with investigating and consume Web Services. Unfortunately, due to the complexity involved in the Web Service specifications, my project came to a rough end. I simply couldn't keep up with everything that is coming out. These days I am trying to revitalize my WSDL processing project but it is too soon to tell how far I will go with it. The digest can be downloaded from here.