Web2.0 is not AJAX

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 09:57:42 GMT
by pdp

Web2.0 is not AJAX. Although it is true that client-side (AJAX) security has a significant part of the Web2.0 ecosystem, it is important to realize its role. There are far too many other aspects that we need to look into.

I am going to speak at OWASP's mini-conference in Brussels on 6th of September about the dangers of Web2.0. I am going to reveal some of the research that I have been conducting in the past couple of months on what exactly is Web2.0 hacking. During the conference I am also going to drop a paper and a conceptual tool called Renaissance. So stay tuned. If you have a chance, come visit the GC group in Brussels. It will be fun.

Here is the outline of my talk:

  • What is Web2.0?
  • What is Web2.0 hacking?
  • The Importance of Information
  • Distribution Channels
  • Traffic Shaping and Influence
  • The Web2.0 highways
  • Use and Abuse - Web2.0 Services
  • Cyber dogma - hacking big brother
  • Antisocial
  • Masters, slaves, bots and intelligent agents
  • The Importance of Client-side Security in the Web2.0 world
  • Attacking the Server - the interwebs are going down
  • The security of the global Web
  • One drop on a spider Web
  • Conclusion

I will see you in Brussels.