The Agile Hacking Project

Sat, 06 Dec 2008 22:25:19 GMT
by pdp

This is a quick announcement regarding the Agile Hacking project. For those of you who are not familiar with this project, there is a post that you can go through over here.

So, the Agile Hacking project has found a new home in the newly established House of Hackers V2 initiative, which is essentially the House of Hackers' wiki. We plan to use V2 as our main project repository. We might even move the GNUCITIZEN lab into V2 as it will allow us to feed even greater value back to the community. I will write another post on this topic soon.

So, I know that some of you are already very passionate about the Agile Hacking project and I am hoping that we can join forces in the next couple of months in order to make it all happen. There are already a bunch of contributions which I will start importing into the wiki but if you can help me with this heavy task, it will be even better. Again, "Agile Hacking" is a community driven project and it will succeed only if the community believes in it.

If you cannot contribute but you like the idea behind the project or you believe in the overall goal, than you can support us by promoting the initiative on your blogs and social profiles.

Archived Comments

Morgan StoreyMorgan Storey
PDP the wiki looks good, but why call it V2 I thought you were being exclusionnary to all the little script kiddies that have infiltrated HoH as of late.
Hi Morgon. There is no reason for calling it V2. It just came to me and I though that this is a good code name. I have already informed the HoH community that I am looking for better names and I am open to suggestions. In fact, I am really hoping that the community will come up with the name as this is yet another community project. As for HoH, yes there are some people that do not belong there but we will either try to make them behave or essentially ban them from the network. But it is an open network so everybody have the right to express themselves as long as a few ethical principles are followed.
Morgan StoreyMorgan Storey
Oh thats fine, I was more poking fun at the few users that I have seen on there. Yeah they are their, yeah they are in the minority, and hopefully they will learn, and contribute, or leave. Yeah it is tough coming up with names sometimes, I was just thinking v2 leant itself more to being a new version, a replacement.
yeh... I agree. It was a stupid decision to call it V2. I've got some cool names and we might end up using them. Will see how it goes. Still, if somebody has good ideas, please let us know. Your help is much appreciated.