Social Networks Mayhem

Mon, 30 Apr 2007 14:27:20 GMT
by pdp

Recently I stumbled upon the following video. It is nothing but an example of what we, as security professionals, are up against. You see, web application security nearly affects everybody.

This video does not really show the security aspects of social networks but it does a pretty good job of showing, in a very dramatic way, how social networks could affect your life, your social life if you like. All these social networks can be fun but be very careful with what you do online because you may unknowingly give sensitive information that can be used for all sorts of things against you, like for example identity theft.

Archived Comments

very interesting topic, you can almost watch people without even talking to them, their friends talk about a movie they seen together and you can ask why you werent invited and they dont know how you knew they went hehe, social engineering is pretty bad these days, almost comes under phishing/pharming. //numk