Security Buzzword Generator

Thu, 02 Apr 2009 11:27:25 GMT
by pdp

In the light of the Month of New Security Buzzwords, I am releasing an online fuzzer to help you generate as many security buzzwords as you like. Sweet!

Jokes aside, tools like this one are quite helpful to brainstorm new ideas. If you ever do research inspired by our buzzword generator, please give us a credit. That way we will know that the tool is actually useful.

Archived Comments

Alex SverdlovAlex Sverdlov
It's a .. bit of fun tool, but it would be better if it actually allowed generating a list of words, rather than just word by word generator based on clicking it.. I would not call that a release of a fuzzer. Fun page, rather.
"Malicious HTTP Encrypting" Now that's got to be curious. "Internal People Hijacking" - I'm not even remotely sure that I want to know what that might be :)
How about "Dynamic Human Routing" or "Stateful Man Cracking"? :)
statik estatik e
haha pretty funny stuff. However, I noticed the page renders bad in Safari and Chrome (pushes the middle part below the bottom of the page).
Wow "Toaster Ejaculation" "Reverse People Dumping" :D FUN ... The server gets a DoS because everyone is buzzing like crazy.
statik, well yeh, we need to make fixes in the CSS :) no time for that.
"Denial of Telephone Analysis" I could do this for hours... ... if my boss wasn't here.
Invisible Infrastructure Hijacking sounds like I could really get into that. Isnt that where you hijack invisible roads and bridges?
Passive Cloud Birthday Attacks???? wtf is that supposed to even relate to?