Promo Videos

Tue, 20 May 2008 16:45:44 GMT
by pdp

We've created several promo videos for the fans of You will be able to find them here or on our YouTube channel.

If you believe in our way of thinking, or you simply support our cause, you may want embed any of these videos into your site with a link pointing to We hope that you enjoy our promos.

Archived Comments

I see what you did there; you're trying to showcase your el8 video editing skills so that you can go for a career change, smart move! Quit while you're..., well, quit before you fall even further behind.
haha :) it just shows that I am more skilled then you
Adrian 'pagvac' PastorAdrian 'pagvac' Pastor
love the music in the videos :)
that software used for editing your video? the videos are great
just playing around with what is already available online.