Landing Secapps

Mon, 29 Sep 2008 19:08:09 GMT
by pdp

A couple of months ago we started sorting out through all our work. In the processes we realized that we have to find a new home for several of our projects. It was a tough decision because we had a lot of projects on our hands and there were even more pending to be completed in some fashion. Nevertheless, we decided to go with the plan. So, the idea of Secapps was born.

So what is Secapps? Secapps is the new home of our GHDB tool. It will also be the new home for several other tools and perhaps an user-supported index of external tools regardless whether they are online or offline. Secapps can also be a free hosting environment for your application. Seriously, if you have an application that we like, we can host it there for you. It will be part of Secapp's application stack and as such sponsored by us.

I can see a few positive ways Secapps can develop in the future. For now, it will simply host our online security tools. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us.

Archived Comments

You have beautiful Dorks ! Good Job ! @+
What about Whiteacids POST-Forwarder? It is offline for weeks now.
yes, this is coming soon. we used to have a CSRF proxy here at GNUCITIZEN as well.
the csrf tool is now up on secapps
CSRF tool seems to be cool. But need to test it out. Will do it after office hours :P