It has been a while

Sat, 30 Jun 2018 09:49:53 GMT

GNUCITIZEN is 12 years old more or less. Can you believe it?

I am still trying to process the information and while it saddens me a little that we left the blogging scene for the past 8+ years I am proud with what we have achieved and the kind of legacy we have created. Even after so many successes and countless more failures, it is interesting to trace GC's impact on the security community over the years - from being first to try out different vulnerability disclosure practices to popping calc.exe from PDF documents or hacking hubs - it has more or less started here and took a life on its own.

It is almost surreal watching our old videos and even sometimes it is a bit embarrassing reading some of our old research, blog posts, and the good old comment flame wars. But this is normal. As you grow older and learn more you also become aware of your personal limitations. The naivety of the younger you are long gone and what is left is the hardened shell fortified by years of experience.

But, like any good story there is a sequel and while I cannot promise that will be better than the original what I am certain of is that it will be packed with this same hardened experience I talk about. It will be likely more measured, less flamboyant and to some extent conservative but it will also be insightful and perhaps a little naive. Naivety is important although it may come at some personal costs. To some extent, I believe the security community has forgotten its roots and what I am hoping to achieve with GC2 is to restore to balance in the universe.

So are you ready? I am not. But I am ready to dive deep!