CONFidence 2008

Tue, 20 May 2008 09:03:33 GMT
by pdp

CONFidence was great! We would like to thank to Andrzej, Anna and everybody else in the CONFidence team for making this event one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime. Thanks again. We are looking forward for the next one. :)

There were many interesting presentations. We've tried to attend all of them although it was really hard to do so when the weather in Krakow was so nice (very different from the weather in cloudy/rainy London). As usual, Adrian and I presented our "Cracking into Embedded Devices" and "Client-side Security" talks. However, Adrian had some human vulnerabilities in his slides. All of them were zero-days. I suggest to check them out. I had no human vulnerabilities but I showed the video of the QuickTime exploit for Vista and XP so I guess we are even technically-wise, although I prefer the human exploits to be honest.

Anyway, the client-side security slides can be downloaded from here. The embedded devices cracking slides can be downloaded from here. And of course, if you want to see some of the pictures from the event, you can visit House of Hackers and check the CONFidence 2008 album. I am sure that everybody enjoyed the event as much as we did.

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Pdp and Adrian, Congratulations again, and thanks to share the slides to people that live so far away...
whos that girl, pdp ? :-P
this is monsy, she is h4x4r174.
It was great fun meeting you guys - I've enjoyed your presentation very much. Friday party was even better :)
indeed it was fun
Gynvael ColdwindGynvael Coldwind
Great that U could come, both the presentations were great! ;>
Adrian 'pagvac' PastorAdrian 'pagvac' Pastor
Thanks for the feedback Marchiner! @Carstein: parties are always the best part of hacker cons IMO :)
We promised to do some videos for the event. So here they are. It was great fun as you can see. :)
Those movie clips are awesome. Who is so talented? ;) Mind if I embed it on my site? pagvac: Truer words have never been spoken :P We've to do it again.
I am glad that you like them.
Adrian 'pagvac' PastorAdrian 'pagvac' Pastor
@carstein: I really hope we can go back next year cuz it was really fun and loved Krakow (especially the food!). @pdp: one word: AWESOME!
Adrian, tell me why........ I've got a lot of stuff to do :( Btw, I hope that you enjoy Cracow's convention. See ya soon in London, bros!
Adrian 'pagvac' PastorAdrian 'pagvac' Pastor
Let me know when you come over to London ducer, and hope to see you next time I go to Krakow!
Adrian 'pagvac' PastorAdrian 'pagvac' Pastor
@Gynvael: thank you very much for the kind comments. Although I met some of your colleagues from Hispasec (Emiliano y Julio), I don't think I had a chance to meet you :( . btw, congrats on winning CTF!