Black Hat Europe 2008 Amsterdam

Tue, 25 Mar 2008 16:17:51 GMT
by pdp

I am just using the opportunity to let everybody (mainly pals who expect to see me there) know that I am heading off to Black Hat Europe 2008 in Amsterdam (as usual).

Supposedly, there are four full tracks for two days but I can see only two - or is that four track for two days - sounds more like it? I am speaking in track two on the first day, first slot, of the event, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 11:15, if everything goes as planned. Here is the abstract of my talk:

Client-side software generally refers to a class of computer programs that are executed on the client, by the user's supporting environment, instead of the server. Both clients and servers are in constant interaction. In a Web environment, the client is represented by the user's web browser, while the server is the remote computer which serves dynamic content. In a much broader context, the client-server relationships can be represented by a network client connected to a WiFi network. This paper[/presentation] describes numerous techniques for attacking Clients-side technologies. The content of the paper is based the research that has been conducted over the past year by the GNUCITIZEN Ethical Hacker Outfit.

The conference materials, slides and the paper will be released after the event for my convenience the convenience of the organizers.

There are a few very good talks which I would like to attend but it will be primary a social event so if you are in the area and you would like to pop by for a chat, you are more then welcome to do so.

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mokum von Amsterdammokum von Amsterdam
Good. Deal. See you during lunch or at the bar :P
Good luck!
Jeus crist. Another event so far away from home, ok... its normal. :D Good luck pdp...