Backframe 2.x Sneak Preview

Wed, 13 Dec 2006 08:42:08 GMT
by pdp

Backframe 2.x is coming nicely. Here is a sneak preview of what it will be like. The video is SWF (Flash) and there is no preloader so you have to wait for a bit without knowing what is going on. I guess that will change in the future. For now you can use the Flash player built-in features to Zoom In and Drag to get the best possible experience/video quality.

Backframe 2.x is truly awesome. You can download the 2.x branch from GNUCITIZEN's svn but I must warn you that there is more. My own personal repository contains a few more things that are worth trying out but they will be left for future versions. Meanwhile, if you have any comments and suggestions about Backframe 2.x don't hesitate to leave them bellow.

UPDATE 11/05/2011: this project is pretty much dead but feel free to contact us if you want to take the lead.