Audio From Black Hat USA 2008

Wed, 17 Sep 2008 09:50:16 GMT

We've got some audio from the past Black Hat conference I've already talked about over here and here.

Keep in mind that without the slides it will probably sound very boring. Both parts of the presentation can be found here and here.

I think the first set of links to the audio of your older blackhat talks need to be reset to use http instead of https in order for the link to work.
thanks Josh, all fixed now!
no content was found reupload?
Adrian 'pagvac' PastorAdrian 'pagvac' Pastor
links are still broken?
Links off? Not Content Found We were not able to process your request!
Wordpress problems. I apologize.
Dear Gnucititzen, I still cannot download your audio files, not even since they're on the google server, but from the links I can make out it's in the wma format. If you are going to reupload them somewhere, it would be nice to have a more open format like ogg or speex, since you being a _gnu_citizen ;) Presentation looks good. I look forward to hearing your audio too. Sincerely yours, michael
the only problem is that the GNU part of our name has nothing to do with the GNU project. but I hear you. :) will try to change the format once I have some time.