6000 Members on HoH

Mon, 24 Nov 2008 10:56:37 GMT
by pdp

Just a couple of months ago, we started HoH as one of our social experiments. Initially the network was composed of just about 10-15 people and there was nothing fancy about it. We didn't even have a domain although we promised to ourselves that if we reach 1000 members we will certainly look into buying a domain and also investing into other resources.

Amazingly, we reached the 1000 cap quite rapidly and today the HoH network is just over 6000 members. The more the network grows the more talent you see popping out. I am happy to see that HoH is a truly community oriented network. Pretty much every single key decision is based on the accumulative voice of the crowd. You can also see the organic development of leaders and opinion formers/makers within the network. It is totally amazing!

Although, it may seem that HoH somehow achieved something for the short period of time it has been running, the truth is that we are just starting. The community is still taking shape and you see various branches of though forming here and there. Sometimes, you have to dig in order to find the good stuff. Sometimes the good stuff are in front of you. It is chaotic but it is better that way.

My hopes are that one day HoH will become the Mecca of the Hacker culture. And I hope that we achieve all of this together as one.

So! 6000 members! We should all celebrate!