Jobs Of Tomorrow

Thu, 16 May 2019 8:50:00 GMT
by pdp

Keep in mind that your kids will do jobs that don’t yet exist. When I was a child the cyber security field did not exist - not in the same capacity as it did when I started my professional career. What are the niche fields that will drive future innovation?

Different sub-disciplines of AI and machine learning for sure including sub-branches of law, psychology, ethics and security.

Space travel - we are doing it today and we will continue doing it even more in the future.

Robotics - mostly design I imagine. You could be a robotics designer much like car designers these days.

Smart wearable clothing - a new world of possibilities will open when you convert atoms to bits which will require rethinking the whole industry from the ground up.

New types of entertainment - Netflix is already experimenting successfully with interactive content - as AR and VR get adopted will see more of it I am sure. This will require merging gaming with cinematography. It is already happening.

Bioengineering and nano-engineering!