HITB Dubai - 2008 We Can't Wait

Mon, 03 Mar 2008 12:40:24 GMT
by pagvac

One of the things I like about the hacker/security community is how much ideas exchanging takes place. Most researchers soon realize that there is nothing like a good session of sharing ideas with other peers in order to come up with even more interesting thoughts!

We're happy to say that GNUCITIZEN will be part of one of the events we were the most interested in: HITB Dubai 2008. Both pdp (client-side hacking), and my (embedded devices hacking) material were accepted by the HITB folks. We've heard very good things about the HITB conferences in the past which do not only take place in Dubai, but also KL. I personally always liked the HITB materials due to the nature of the content which is VERY uncensored. All kinds of topics are discussed without hiding details whatsoever. From PSTN networks, to satellite hacking, you name it!

pdp and I would like to thank Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran for being extremely helpful to us. He always answers our inquiries immediately and is always willing to help. We also want to thank the rest of the HITB crew for putting such an interesting event together. Very well known folks in the hacker and security community will be there. Some of them include Bruce Schneier , Jeremiah Grossman, Raoul Chiesa and Skyper.

It'll be the first time for us in Dubai, which makes this event even more exciting. Dubai is now considered one of the most glamorous cities in the world where (for instance) the most luxurious hotel in the world is located. If you are attending the event, would would love to meet up with you. Please contact us if you are interested.

Dubai, here we come!

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Good luck Adrian and Pdp.... Its good to see guys like you going to sec. event like this.. when something near my country apears. Maybe we all can drink some beer a talk about hacking stuff :D Whaiting for the dubai feedback... Congratulations! Bye...
thanks man, we are looking forward to it as well
Adrian PastorAdrian Pastor
Hey Marchiner, consider the beers invitation accepted :) Should pdp and I get in touch with you via email?
Daniel YokomizoDaniel Yokomizo
Good luck guys. Just take care with Dubai's harsh laws (as seem in http://thetruthaboutdubai.com/?p=5)
¡Good luck!
yeh, we will be careful, extremely careful for this trip as you don't want to end up in contradictions with the law. the basic idea is to go with as less things as possible, make yourself as unattractive as possible and make sure that you bring no drugs whatsoever, this includes cosmetics as well. buy them from there and throw them away before going back. it is also extremely important to have a very good reason for going there, which we have. I hope that they don't have laws for being a hacker, that you will hack something. :)
Ok Adrian ... theres no problem. Whaiting contact and dubai news again :D
Hey guys, just tell me when you will arrive. I am german, living and working in Dubai for a while. I will attend HiTB if my timesheet will agree. :) If you are interested, I can show you the town, some fancy places to drink some b33r and talk about hacking so far. Will rock. Regards, xai
hey pdp, i was in Dubai last year working for a company called scanit. I am sure you guys will see this compnay when you are there. They are one of the sponsors. Damn man, i also knew Dhillion and crew. How i wish you guys came last year!!!! argh!!
Shoaib YousufShoaib Yousuf
pdp, Dubai is my home town - you will really enjoy. If you get time - do alot of shopping. It is best place for shopping :)
hackathology, come now :) Shoaib, if you pop by we can chat.
Adrian PastorAdrian Pastor
@xaitax: sounds like we should definitely get together at HITB. Beers sounds like a plan :)
Shoaib YousufShoaib Yousuf
pdp - i would love to meet you. Infact, I really want to meet you. But, unfortunately i don't live in Dubai anymore. I live in Sydney - Australia. I will see when you will come to Sydney :) or if i come to your place. But, we will meet for sure one day. Cheers Shoaib.
i can't go man, my passport is blacklisted because of certain reasons. take some pics and post it on gnucitizen!
My passport is blacklisted too. (Just kidding, I've no money!) Hope to see some pics, and presentations soon.