1ST European Edition of HITB Coming Up!

Thu, 24 Jun 2010 09:16:22 GMT

In case you haven't heard yet, HITBSecConf is hosting the first European Edition of their conference in Amsterdam during 1st-2nd July '10. The history of the HITB conferences can be traced back to 2002, the year in which the first ever edition of HITB took place in Malaysia. Since then, HITB has grown to become the biggest technical computer security event in Asia and has extended their presence to the Middle East and now Europe.

HITB aims to congregate members of the security community from all circles. From academics, and well known infosec personalities to loner-type independent researchers, and hobbyists just to name a few. I've personally attended past editions in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai and loved that the attendees and speakers came from a wide variety of backgrounds. If you don't believe me, check out the pix of past conferences and you'll find sec nerds and corporate professionals all partying in unison. Indeed, the HITB conferences are not only educational, but among the most fun sec events I've had the chance to attend.

Registration is still open, so you are still on time to take advantage of a great speaker lineup and one of the de facto party capitals of Europe. The conference agenda can be found here. I'm really looking forward to Niels Teusink's presentation on hacking Logitech wireless presenters and the release of detailed examples of JIT-spray techniques against IE8, FF3.6 by Alexey Sintsov (originally discussed by Dion Blazakis).

One more thing, almost forgot: there will be a bring-your-own-laptop web hacking challenge at HITB EU.

See you at HITB Amsterdam next month!