Landing Proxify

I am really happy to announce the first release of proxify. I started writing this tool several years ago but I was never able to finished it. The first release (version 1.0) is now available for download on all platforms: Linux, Mac and Windows.

What is Proxify

The idea behind Proxify is to create a proxy that is just good at doing proxying. It is the proxy of all proxies so-to-say. [...]

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Breaking Into a Home With an iPhone

This is going to be one of these quick posts which just makes you think what the information security landscape will be like in 5 years. Before I move on with my commentary, here is a video which is essential for you to watch.

Got the idea? No? Let me explain. What you see in the video above is an application for the iPhone which gives you detailed characteristics of properties (houses) in USA. [...]

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Facebook, Worms and RSS Feeds – Hacking The Web2.0 Way and Beyond

This morning I was reading an interesting article from Ryan Naraine (ZDNet Zero Day Blog) regarding a Facebook worm which uses RSS feeds and in particular Google Reader to strengthen its attack strategy. Interesting…

If you have been following GNUCITIZEN’s research and in particular this blog, you know this is not a big news since I’ve been describing the numerous web2.0 attack strategies countless of times. Perhaps you remember my paper on hacking Web2.0? [...]

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Let’s fix the Web

I am heavily frustrated from the way the Web works today. Everything seems to be broken beyond reason. I really want to fix the damn thing but I realize that it is not up to me to do that. It is up to all of us to make sure that code is written in the most secure possible way. Can we do that? Perhaps not! What can we do then?

Before I get to the point, I need to tell you how I fixed my insecure WordPress blog. [...]

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RDF is Fun

RDF (Resource Description Framework) is one of the first initiatives from W3C to give meaning to the WEB. I’ve spent quite a lot of time researching on this technology and the more I am looking at it, the more I realise how powerful it could be when applied to the computer security field. You see, RDF is designed to enable better information aggregation, more generic information analysis and more meaningful information storage. [...]

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