MPack – The Movie

The following video shows the MPac Penetration Kit which is used to inject hidden iframes into compromised websites that make visitors land on a malicious content, which attacks their machine with the latest browser vulnerabilities. The technique that is employed to compromise the legitimate sites is quite lame although it proves that the simplest things work really well all the time. [...]

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Social Networks Mayhem

Recently I stumbled upon the following video. It is nothing but an example of what we, as security professionals, are up against. You see, web application security nearly affects everybody.

This video does not really show the security aspects of social networks but it does a pretty good job of showing, in a very dramatic way, how social networks could affect your life, your social life if you like. [...]

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What happens to Your Computer if you Mispell

That’s for real people. Don’t try this at home! Leave it to the professionals.

The attack surface of WEB technologies has dramatically increased over the past couple of years. It is not only about WEB Applications. Today we explore client side technologies which also play big part in the Web security game.

This footage, although a little bit dramatized, is not that far from the truth. [...]

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