You and Your Research

This is really one of my favourite talks from this year’s HITB in KL.

@haroonmeer did an exceptional job at describing what it takes to produce an exceptional piece of work/research and the various pitfalls and sacrifices one needs to make.

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I have been avoiding the topic about Stuxnet for quite some time, mainly because there were many others who spent the time to take the virus apart. However, here is a video, which I find rather amusing:

Wether this is the real deal or simply fear mongering, I simply don’t know. It is all speculations at the moment. [...]

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Promo Videos

We’ve created several promo videos for the fans of You will be able to find them here or on our YouTube channel.

If you believe in our way of thinking, or you simply support our cause, you may want embed any of these videos into your site with a link pointing to We hope that you enjoy our promos.

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The full-size videos can be found at GNUCITIZEN’s YouTube channel: here and here (courtesy of Medifront).

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Searching For Evil

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BID 24856 – Flash Player SWF Vulnerability

Stefano DiPaola, Elia Florio and Giorgio Fedon has discovered quite serious vulnerability in Adobe’s Flash player. If you haven’t heard about it, let me tell you something: It is big. Read more about the vulnerability from here and here.

The video above was assembled by the Symantec guys. It shows working examples for Firefox on Windows, Safari on MacOS and Opera on Wii. Demonstration exploit code is available from SecurityFocus. [...]

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Exploiting the iPhone

I have a video for you, which demonstrates an iPhone exploit in action. Keep in mind that this is just one of the many exploits that have been discovered lately.

Once again, the problem is within the browser. Again? Well, browsers are quite complex piece of software. They usually work with loads of strings, due to JavaScript, and in general it is easy to screw up regardless of vendors efforts. [...]

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Open Source Documentary on Net Neutrality

This documentary was made some time ago last year but it is still applicable today. It brings some good points and exaggerates on others, but in general, I find it very interesting. The debate on Net Neutrality is something that has been going in the media and especially on the Web for some time now.

It is important to all of us!

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About the power of Google

Google has become the most profitable organization on the Web, having access to millions of people personal information, providing free services in exchange for even more data, dominating the web we know it today.

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A Brief History of MySpace

MySpace is considered by far the largest social network today. These videos outlines the history of MySpace with facts and dates. I hope that you understand the importance of MySpace as one of the building blocks of future technologies. Of course, there is a price to pay. Social networks do not only give technological advantage to the people/corporations who sit behind them, but they also provide criminals with established and easily accessible infrastructure for doing mischief.

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