WiFi Infestations – Viral Wardriving

WiFi networks are the necessary evil. In this post I would like to briefly highlight some ideas on the potential damages that can be introduced when attackers combine automated viral-like attacks with human power. This post is largely related to the wifi worms topic that was quite present among all media outlets at the beginning of 2008. [...]

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UPnP: The Saga Continues

This post is a quick introduction to some other UPnP related issues. Yes, we have been targeting UPnP in the last couple of weeks mainly because is a big problem many people have forgotten or don’t know about.

We’ve already covered what UPnP is and how it works in most basic form. We’ve also showed how it can be exploited with nothing more but a simple XSS on your home router. Then we’ve improved upon our techniques with the so-called Flash UPnP hack. [...]

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Flash UPnP Attack FAQ

There are loads of misconceptions and confusion regarding the Flash UPnP Attack that was discussed over here. Therefore, it is probably a good idea to shed some light on the matter, since I don’t want to leave people with the wrong impression. If the majority of people still don’t get it after this post, then that will mean that we have failed and we shouldn’t have published the research.

What does the Flash UPnP hack consist of? [...]

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Hacking The Interwebs

With great power comes great responsibility, but those with great power usually aren’t that responsible. Nevertheless, we try to be responsible as much as we can. In the following post, ap and I are going to expose some secrets, which may make you question our values at first, will definitely make you feel worried about Why is all this possible?, and may even make you hate us in your guts for what we have done. [...]

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