Landing Proxify

I am really happy to announce the first release of proxify. I started writing this tool several years ago but I was never able to finished it. The first release (version 1.0) is now available for download on all platforms: Linux, Mac and Windows.

What is Proxify

The idea behind Proxify is to create a proxy that is just good at doing proxying. It is the proxy of all proxies so-to-say. [...]

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Dnsmap v0.30 is now out!

After working on dnsmap for a few months whenever time allowed, I decided there were enough additional goodies to make version 0.30 a new public release. Let me just say that a lot of the bugs that have been fixed, and features that have been added to this version would not be possible without the feedback from great folks such as Borys Lacki (, Philipp Winter ( and meathive ( Thanks guys, your feedback was highly valuable to me. [...]

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Security Buzzword Generator

In the light of the Month of New Security Buzzwords, I am releasing an online fuzzer to help you generate as many security buzzwords as you like. Sweet!

Jokes aside, tools like this one are quite helpful to brainstorm new ideas. If you ever do research inspired by our buzzword generator, please give us a credit. That way we will know that the tool is actually useful.

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Very often I end up performing a series of string manipulation and information extraction tasks from the command line. Usually this is achieved with several excellent shell utilities available on Linux/Unix/Cygwin.

Because it is quite tedious to re-type long commands every single time, I composed a collection of oneliners (scripts) that are very easy to use and cat extract all kinds of useful informations from arbitrary data streams. The toolkit was designed around the idea of using pipes. [...]

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Massive Enumeration Toolset

Massive Enumeration Toolset (MET) is a collection of Python scripts designed to perform various passive information gathering attacks which can be useful when evaluating the security of public computer networks.

MET is constantly changing. There is a high chance that the latest version is not working in some situations. The problem is due to the fact that MSN, Google and other search engine vendors change the format of their results pages every so often. [...]

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