My BH Las Vegas Slides

I believe that some of you may be interested to see my Black Hat slides. If you are not aware yet, the GNUCITIZEN Lab domain is now up. The slides have been there since yesterday.

The next post is all about the QuickTime vulnerability which I partially-disclosed over here.

UPDATE 2011/04/21: I included alternative download location.

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OWASP Europe 2008 Ghent

This year’s OWASP Europe event was based in Ghent, Belgium. I had to take an early train from London to Brussels, which is by the way dead easy from where I live. As usual the event was excellent.

Now there were a few funny things but the most funnies of all was that I’ve got flagged by Seba for having a sales pitch within my slides. Actually, my intentions were totally different. Moreover, it is silly to sell very niche services to wide-range of Web app guys. [...]

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RISK 2008 Oslo

I need to do a lot of clean up work around all my projects. So, expect a series of quick posts. In this post you will be able to find my slides from a quite cool event in Oslo. The topic is Web2.0 again.

The event was quite successful and I am looking forward to attending it again. Not to mention that Oslo was just brilliant compared to the bad weather in UK.

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CONFidence 2008

CONFidence was great! We would like to thank to Andrzej, Anna and everybody else in the CONFidence team for making this event one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime. Thanks again. We are looking forward for the next one. :)

There were many interesting presentations. We’ve tried to attend all of them although it was really hard to do so when the weather in Krakow was so nice (very different from the weather in cloudy/rainy London). [...]

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30mins Introductionary Presentation on Client-side Security

I was asked to have a 30 minutes long introductionary presentation on client-side security issues. Although the presentation is very basic and high-level oriented, as it was designed to serve as an overview rather then as an in depth analysis, I thought that still someone may find it useful or may use it in their own presentations.

You can download the PDF version from here and the ODT version from here. Let me know if it works for you.

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