Reverse Shell with Bash

I am stuck at the Dubai International Airport and I have nothing else interesting to do. So, I though I might share a simple technique which will go into the Agile Hacking project. Here I will show you how to create a reverse command shell without using any 3rd-party tools such as the all mighty netcat.

When we compromise a machine we often need to provide ourselves with a user friendly access to the system. This is where command shells come into place. [...]

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Jython Shell

Jython Shell is a python shell that works straight from your browser. This application can prove to be quite helpful in many situations. For example, you can use it when you don’t have access to your computer but you still want to test a few things in python. I’ve made use of it many times to test various kiosks or to launch python scripts where I have some sort of browser access.

In order to run the applet, you need Java and you have to approve the security warning. [...]

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Very often I end up performing a series of string manipulation and information extraction tasks from the command line. Usually this is achieved with several excellent shell utilities available on Linux/Unix/Cygwin.

Because it is quite tedious to re-type long commands every single time, I composed a collection of oneliners (scripts) that are very easy to use and cat extract all kinds of useful informations from arbitrary data streams. The toolkit was designed around the idea of using pipes. [...]

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