Extreme Search Engine Hacking

If you are a beginner Google Hacker then I would recommend to have a look at the Google Hacking for Penetration Testers Second Edition book or check the cDc‘s GoolagScanner. If you want to learn some new tricks follow me:

We know what Google Hacking is but have we explored the edges of the craft? I don’t thing so. This post is all about going to the possible limit. [...]

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Massive Enumeration Toolset

Massive Enumeration Toolset (MET) is a collection of Python scripts designed to perform various passive information gathering attacks which can be useful when evaluating the security of public computer networks.

MET is constantly changing. There is a high chance that the latest version is not working in some situations. The problem is due to the fact that MSN, Google and other search engine vendors change the format of their results pages every so often. [...]

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