Exploring the UNKNOWN: Scanning the Internet via SNMP!

Hacking is not only about coming up with interesting solutions to problems, but also about exploring the unknown. It was this drive for knowledge philosophy that lead to surveying a significant sample of the Internet which allowed us to make some VERY interesting observations and get an idea of the current state of remote SNMP hacking.


2.5 million random IP addresses were surveyed via SNMP. Why SNMP you might be asking? Well, there are several reasons. [...]

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The value of automated Security Tests

I think that I should speak up how I feel about automated security tests. I don’t think that this post will bring much value to you but at least you will be able to see what it feels like from the field. I will try to keep my thoughts short and clean and emphasize on the main points without going too much out of scope. I think that this topic has been already widely discussed so there is no need to waste more time on it. Everyone should make up their own mind. [...]

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Strategic GeoIP Hacking and TV Streaming Theft

A couple of weeks ago, my wife pointed out to me this really cool appliance she saw on a magazine. Since she knows I like spending my free time hacking/researching embedded devices, she thought I’d be interested.

In summary, you hookup Slingbox to your TV box, be it digital TV, or cable. Then you can do streaming to your laptop, desktop computer or even mobile/cell phone. [...]

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JavaScript Port Scanner

SPI Dynamics released a paper on how to port scan and do other cool stuff with JavaScript. I found the paper interesting and as a result I decided to make my own port scanner in JavaScript. My aim was to build a small, fast and reusable javascript portscanning object. After a couple of hours fiddling around with IMG tags and other DOM elements I came up with the following solution.

The code depends on your connection speed and might not be very accurate. [...]

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