AttackAPI provides simple and intuitive programmable interface for composing attack vectors with JavaScript and other client and server related technologies.

AttackAPI is standard part of many public and private security related projects supported by GNUCITIZEN and other organizations. The library had many incarnations and not all of them were made public. Simply put, internally we call everything AttackAPI that relats to common set of routines useful for offensive research. [...]

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Using The Infocrobes Package

It is probably about time to explain a little bit about the Infocrobes project. The infocrobes project is a collection of bash scripts that wrap around common UNIX utilities in order to simplify the process of extracting interesting information from various data sources.

So, what exactly you can do with these infocrobes? Well, it entirely depends on your intentions. In simple words, you can use the project to perform information gathering. [...]

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