For my next trick… hacking Web2.0

After several month spent in research on Web2.0 Insecurities I’ve decided to sit down and write a whitepaper. The paper quickly became rather blurred due to enormous amount of notes I’ve collected on this subject. This is the reason why it was later restructured into stories, which provide a lot better medium for understanding the content.

The term Web2.0 appeared for the first time in 2003 at a conference organized by O’Reilly media. [...]

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Exegesis of Virtual Hosts Hacking

This is the first paper (as far as we know) written on the topic of virtual hosts hacking. It covers basic skills such as passive discovery techniques and (almost) stealth active discovery techniques. It also presents possible scenarios of exploitation.

Exegesis of Virtual Hosts Hacking was an experiment. The topic about hacking virtual hosts has been covered very vaguely in the past. [...]

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