OWASP Europe 2008 Ghent

This year’s OWASP Europe event was based in Ghent, Belgium. I had to take an early train from London to Brussels, which is by the way dead easy from where I live. As usual the event was excellent.

Now there were a few funny things but the most funnies of all was that I’ve got flagged by Seba for having a sales pitch within my slides. Actually, my intentions were totally different. Moreover, it is silly to sell very niche services to wide-range of Web app guys. [...]

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Reviewing Practical PHP Exploitation Techniques

The OWASP London Chapter last night (03/Apr/08) was excellent. Thanks to everyone involved for a top night!

For those who didn’t attend, Rodrigo Marcos discussed his research on hacking PHP sockets for fun and profit. I found the concept very interesting. He discussed hacking PHP sockets; however, the techniques he discusses could be used as an application reverse proxy, although, scalability and stability could be a problem. [...]

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6th OWASP Conference

Here you will be able find all materials that I used for my presentation at the 6th OWASP Conference. Further discussion and clarification on the subject to be expected very soon.

Be aware that the slides may not be very descriptive. In general, I try not to put too much information into my presentations in order to avoid unnecessary clutter. Feel free to drop a comment if something is unclear. [...]

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Hello, on this guest blog post (thanks pdp) I would like to talk something that is very important to me (I will write about .NET’s partial trust next time. OWASP is the Open Web Application Security Project which is an worldwide open community of like-minded security professionals focused on improving the current state of Web Application Security. [...]

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