WiFi Infestations – Viral Wardriving

WiFi networks are the necessary evil. In this post I would like to briefly highlight some ideas on the potential damages that can be introduced when attackers combine automated viral-like attacks with human power. This post is largely related to the wifi worms topic that was quite present among all media outlets at the beginning of 2008. [...]

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DHCP/mDNS Injection Issues

In the previous post I’ve talked about how someone can poison local name servers (nasty things like registering a wpad name) through DHCP. In this post, I would like to draw your attention on various other injection issues that come into mind when we are dealing with that very same protocol. The reason for all these issues is because people tend to trust certain known protocols far too much than they should. [...]

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Name (mDNS) Poisoning Attacks inside the LAN

How easy is for attackers to compromise the LAN? Answer: Very easy! With a few simple tricks, attackers can easily poison the local name resolution system for the machines inside a given LAN. Network Devices and Apple products are most vulnerable among others of course.

It is all due to mDNS. From Wikipedia’s article:

The problem with mDNS is that it is spoof-able. Here is how it works. A mDNS enabled client will perform a mDNS query on a multicast address. [...]

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