Of Sec Cons and Magstripe Gift Cards

I’ve been meaning to talk about CONFidence and EUSecWest for quite a while, but May was such an intense month for me, that’s hardly left me with any time for other things. I eventually got caught up with other matters, which resulted in me publishing this post about 2 months late.

I’ve been researching, pentesting, and preparing two different presentations which I gave at CONFidence in Krakow, and EUSecWest in London. pdp has also been busy presenting at AusCERT2009. [...]

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Security and hacking scene in London

Although London enjoys one of the most vibrant infosec industries in the world, there are not as many hacker and security events and one would think. Meetings-wise, we have organizations such as 2600, Defcon, and Owasp among others. However, the number of attendees needs to be improved. Usually, having a turnup of 20 people on one of these meetings is considered a success in London. Not much for such a big city if you think about it. [...]

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