XSSing the Lan 3

In my previous posts I mentioned that in order to compromise a LAN device from the Internet the attacker needs to exploit a XSS vulnerability in the device firmware. The limitations of this kind of attack are quite obvious. Let’s have a look at the exploitation process again.

First of all the local LAN needs to be explored for live hosts and than each host needs to be scanned with a URL Signature database in order to detect the firmware type and version. [...]

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XSSing the Lan 2

In order to perform browser based attacks, JavaScript is most definitely required with a number of restrictions of course. Flash 7 has the flexibility to perform cross domain requests without restrictions, however this is sort of fixed in Flash Player 8. Java applets are quite the same in that respect. In certain situations it might be possible to trick the browser into doing what ever you want, but this is a different story. [...]

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