Jeriko Group and Source Code Repository

Jeriko moved in its own source code repository which you will be able to find here. There is also a discussion group here, if you feel like using it.

The version inside the new code repository is very different from the version you’ve seen before. The main difference is that while the old version is basically a collection of scripts, the new version implements its own shell (wrapper around bash) which does the heavily lifting and also introduces some funky programming mechanisms. [...]

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More Penetration Testing Goodness with Jeriko

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve added more features to the Jeriko toolkit which I briefly covered in my post over here. For those of you who don’t know, Jeriko is a compilation of various bash scripts to ease manual penetration testing practices. The idea is to automate only the things which are sort of boring.

Anyway, now you have a few more scripts at your disposal. [...]

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You Don’t Need the Ultimate Pen-testing Framework!

You’ve already got it! It is laying on your PC and it is called the shell. The shell was designed to start/strop and control process with ease so why do we need yet another universal pen-testing framework, which does what another tool is already doing for us and it comes by default? In this post we are going to delve in the world of advanced shell programming for penetration testing purposes.

The shell is defacto the interface to your operating system. [...]

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