Well Websecurify Runs on The iPhone

This is not necessarily news anymore since it was discussed on the Websecurify official blog but we are so excited about it that we could not hold ourselves from posting it here too.

The testing engine used in this particular version of Websecurify is optimized to run with the least possible amount of memory. The results of the scanner are as good as those produced by all other Websecurify variants although in some cases it may miss some statistically unlikely types of issues. [...]

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Breaking Into a Home With an iPhone

This is going to be one of these quick posts which just makes you think what the information security landscape will be like in 5 years. Before I move on with my commentary, here is a video which is essential for you to watch.

Got the idea? No? Let me explain. What you see in the video above is an application for the iPhone which gives you detailed characteristics of properties (houses) in USA. [...]

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Exploiting the iPhone

I have a video for you, which demonstrates an iPhone exploit in action. Keep in mind that this is just one of the many exploits that have been discovered lately.

Once again, the problem is within the browser. Again? Well, browsers are quite complex piece of software. They usually work with loads of strings, due to JavaScript, and in general it is easy to screw up regardless of vendors efforts. [...]

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