6000 Members on HoH

Just a couple of months ago, we started HoH as one of our social experiments. Initially the network was composed of just about 10-15 people and there was nothing fancy about it. We didn’t even have a domain although we promised to ourselves that if we reach 1000 members we will certainly look into buying a domain and also investing into other resources.

Amazingly, we reached the 1000 cap quite rapidly and today the HoH network is just over 6000 members. [...]

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HoH 5001 Members and Growing

I have good news. The HoH community has grown to 5001 members since its launch 3 months ago. I find this very interesting for a relatively small and fun social experiment to turn so big.

I would like to thank all members for creating one of the most colorful, extraordinary, exciting, provocative, intelligent, intense, creative… community out there. I’ve said that this is a community effort and sure it is.

We have long way ahead of us. [...]

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