There is no spoon…

I just completed teaching a SANS course here in RI called Cutting-Edge Hacking Techniques. Its a fabulous course written by none other than Ed Skoudis, SANS instructor extraordinaire, and one of the biggest fans of the Matrix movie series (seriously, I swear he watches it at least one, maybe twice, a week!).

In any case, the course is a fantastic voyage through some of the latest methods and techniques used by hackers today. [...]

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Hello, on this guest blog post (thanks pdp) I would like to talk something that is very important to me (I will write about .NET’s partial trust next time. OWASP is the Open Web Application Security Project which is an worldwide open community of like-minded security professionals focused on improving the current state of Web Application Security. [...]

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Cross Context Scripting with Sage

This month we have a guest blogger and his name is David Kierznowski, the founder of Operation n – the adventures of Michaels Daw. David and I have been working together on various security related projects. He currently works as a security analyst and researcher. David contacted me after he found interesting anomaly with Sage Firefox Extension. These are his words:

I would often keep abreast of new vulnerabilities and exploits via my RSS feeds. [...]

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