Security Buzzword Generator

In the light of the Month of New Security Buzzwords, I am releasing an online fuzzer to help you generate as many security buzzwords as you like. Sweet!

Jokes aside, tools like this one are quite helpful to brainstorm new ideas. If you ever do research inspired by our buzzword generator, please give us a credit. That way we will know that the tool is actually useful.

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Codez Are Up

This is a quick announcement just to let you know that our codes are now getting synced at, which is basically a file browser interface to the source repositories.

The reason we had to come up with something like this is because most of our projects are dispersed across several Google Code repositories, personal SVNs and many other places. We have started so many ideas in the past that now it is hard to keep track of everything. [...]

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I thought that this will be interesting to some of you. This is how GNUCITIZEN looked like back in 2005 when it was just a personal website rather than a group of like-minded people as it is today.

It is quite nice to look back and see how things progressed over the years.

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Landing Secapps

A couple of months ago we started sorting out through all our work. In the processes we realized that we have to find a new home for several of our projects. It was a tough decision because we had a lot of projects on our hands and there were even more pending to be completed in some fashion. Nevertheless, we decided to go with the plan. So, the idea of Secapps was born.

So what is Secapps? Secapps is the new home of our GHDB tool. [...]

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Audio From Black Hat USA 2008

We’ve got some audio from the past Black Hat conference I’ve already talked about over here and here.

Keep in mind that without the slides it will probably sound very boring. Both parts of the presentation can be found here and here.

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Promo Videos

We’ve created several promo videos for the fans of You will be able to find them here or on our YouTube channel.

If you believe in our way of thinking, or you simply support our cause, you may want embed any of these videos into your site with a link pointing to We hope that you enjoy our promos.

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The full-size videos can be found at GNUCITIZEN’s YouTube channel: here and here (courtesy of Medifront).

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