Strategic GeoIP Hacking and TV Streaming Theft

A couple of weeks ago, my wife pointed out to me this really cool appliance she saw on a magazine. Since she knows I like spending my free time hacking/researching embedded devices, she thought I’d be interested.

In summary, you hookup Slingbox to your TV box, be it digital TV, or cable. Then you can do streaming to your laptop, desktop computer or even mobile/cell phone. [...]

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Strategic Hacking: GEOIP

Not that long time ago, ap and I did a good play around with GEOIP: ip to country, country to ip mappings, geo locating the IP addresses from the Holy See, etc (yep we’ve done that). Nothing major, really! We find this topic quite interesting and largely educational, especially around the methodologies and tricks that we have developed in order to find the IP ranges/blocks of entire countries. [...]

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