A darknet is any routed network which does not have visible servers/hosts, apart from a transparent machine which acts as a blackhole, i.e any packet sent to that network will be logged by the machine for further analysis. The network is dark because no traffic should have resulted naturally in its segments due to the fact that there is nothing interesting there. [...]

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Automated XSS Detection

Automation – it is the power to change the boring repetitive task into something that is more fun. Automation is also what I seek when I do security research or penetration testing. If there is a security vulnerability; we write an exploit for it. If there is a known method of exposing thousands of machines to malicious attacks; we write a worm for it or at least a vulnerability assessment engine. [...]

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Introduction To Intrusion Detection Systems

Introduction to Intrusion Detection Systems is a presentation I did with Rabia Barakat long time ago. There is a paper as well that will be available online as soon as I find it. Although, the depth of the research is not obvious from this presentation, a lot of effort had been put into this work.

Keep in mind that some of the topics covered in this presentation might be a little bit outdated.

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