The Way of Logic into Dan’s DNS Flaw

There is a serious flaw in the DNS system and apparently it is a design bug, the types of bugs I like the most. I am very curious to learn what exactly Dan has prepped for us and I get the feeling that we will be deeply shaken by its simplicity.

Although, I have no clue what this bug is, and I am also reluctant to pursue its mystery for my own entertainment, I will try to express what it could be by walking you through a simple process of thinking by elimination. [...]

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Steal His Wi-Fi

Leaving your WiFi network open is not a good idea. Bruce Schneier does not agree and wrote an interesting article. The following is an extract of it:

Although Bruce is making some good points regarding the smaller likelihood of being attacked via wifi at home as opposed to a public place, he makes one mistake: he assumes the attack will be an attempt to compromise his PC/laptop or eavesdrop his traffic. Of course these are valid attacks, but how about attacking his router? [...]

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