Codez Are Up

This is a quick announcement just to let you know that our codes are now getting synced at, which is basically a file browser interface to the source repositories.

The reason we had to come up with something like this is because most of our projects are dispersed across several Google Code repositories, personal SVNs and many other places. We have started so many ideas in the past that now it is hard to keep track of everything. [...]

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Secure Code Through Frameworks

Thank you to pdp for inviting me to guest blog. This is a first for me.

105 million sites make their home on the Web – 4 million more move in each month. That’s a staggering number to think about, and as we well know, the vast majority of websites (I say 8 in 10) have serious security issues. Industry discussions go round and round about what should be done. We talk about secure coding practices, training, compliance, assessment, source-code audits, and the like. [...]

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AttackAPI provides simple and intuitive programmable interface for composing attack vectors with JavaScript and other client and server related technologies.

AttackAPI is standard part of many public and private security related projects supported by GNUCITIZEN and other organizations. The library had many incarnations and not all of them were made public. Simply put, internally we call everything AttackAPI that relats to common set of routines useful for offensive research. [...]

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