Google Chrome

It is true what many of you have heard. Google is releasing their own browser. Google Chrome, as they call it, is based on WebKit rendering engine and introduces some novel approaches to interacting with web technologies. I must say, it is very exciting to see all of this happening.

What makes Google Chrome different is its architecture. The browser is no longer single-threaded process. Each tab is actually a separate process with own memspace. [...]

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Browser Focus RIP

There was a discussion on Full-disclosure and Bugtraq about a very peculiar vulnerability in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox which can be used by attackers to trick victims into uploading local files.

It was Michal Zalewski who brought this subject back on the table. The vulnerability he described is not new. In fact, it is a variation of an issues discovered back in 2000. The peculiar thing about it is that it was reported to Mozilla’s Bugzilla back then but never fixed. [...]

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Technika is a general purpose scripting platform for Firefox. It acts like a standard OS shell scripting environment. You can script everything from the currently viewed page, just like Greasemonkey, and everything in the chrome, just like any browser extensions but without need to restart the browser every time you make a change. The platform will be used as a base component to other projects, such as TSF (Technika Security Framework) and AttackAPI browser extension. [...]

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