WP Blogsecurify

The WP Blogsecurify 1.0 wordpress plugin is out.

What does it do?

WP Blogsecurify is a security plugin for WordPress designed to integrate several simple but important security patches for the popular blogging platform. [...]

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Social Media Security

I am happy to announce the relaunch of Blogsecurify. I have some more announcements to make.

Blogsecurify will become a division of GNUCITIZEN. Although initially the project was planned to tackle blog-only security issues, today Blogsecurify moves into the more main stream domain – the social media platforms. [...]

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Landing Blogsecurify

During the last couple of days, we combined forces with Blogsecurity.NET in an effort to improve their online WordPress vulnerability scanner. The result of these efforts is our new initiative called Blogsecurify.

Blogsecurify was created to help individuals and organization to secure their social media infrastructure by running a set of security checks. [...]

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