Black Hat Las Vegas Baby

So, Black Hat is next week. Great! I will be happy to see you all there. You may even join me on the 6th at 13:45 – the Client-side Security talk. The details of my talk are here, which btw is the improved version of what I have over here.

I am still working on my slides, trying to add that edge-ness I am always striving to achieve combined with a severe doze of simplicity. Don’t you know? Simple is the new black.

This time around I am visiting the conference as a tourist. [...]

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Reconsidering the Side-jacking Attack

Not that long time ago, I’ve made some comments on Robet Graham’s side-jacking attack. Clearly, my reasoning was based upon the his PowerPoint slides but not his BlackHat presentation, where he is more then clear about the motivation behind his work. I’ve become part of the senseless bashing masses, which are currently haunting the hacker circles. Therefore, I would like to make things right once and for all on this particular topic. [...]

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