You Don’t Need the Ultimate Pen-testing Framework!

You’ve already got it! It is laying on your PC and it is called the shell. The shell was designed to start/strop and control process with ease so why do we need yet another universal pen-testing framework, which does what another tool is already doing for us and it comes by default? In this post we are going to delve in the world of advanced shell programming for penetration testing purposes.

The shell is defacto the interface to your operating system. [...]

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Reverse Shell with Bash

I am stuck at the Dubai International Airport and I have nothing else interesting to do. So, I though I might share a simple technique which will go into the Agile Hacking project. Here I will show you how to create a reverse command shell without using any 3rd-party tools such as the all mighty netcat.

When we compromise a machine we often need to provide ourselves with a user friendly access to the system. This is where command shells come into place. [...]

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