Well Websecurify Runs on The iPhone

This is not necessarily news anymore since it was discussed on the Websecurify official blog but we are so excited about it that we could not hold ourselves from posting it here too.

The testing engine used in this particular version of Websecurify is optimized to run with the least possible amount of memory. The results of the scanner are as good as those produced by all other Websecurify variants although in some cases it may miss some statistically unlikely types of issues. [...]

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Automated Web Foo or Fud!

Jeremiah is the most outspoken that I have seen regarding the effectives of automated web application tools. His recent post, Are web application scanners ***ing useless?, almost sounds frustrated. While developing the initial version of the Technika Security Framework, I have really had a chance to think about this, which I haven’t done since an OWASP presentation I attended 2-3 years ago, anyone have the link for this? [...]

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