Bring Back the Attack to the API

A couple of years ago I started a project called AttackAPI. It kind of became a hit at the time because there was no other project that was doing the same thing. Btw, the situation remains the same.

Today the project is kind of dead because I am not actively developing it anymore. Most of my development time go to projects of greater importance such as Netsecurify, Websecurify, Blogsecurify and several others. [...]

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AttackAPI provides simple and intuitive programmable interface for composing attack vectors with JavaScript and other client and server related technologies.

AttackAPI is standard part of many public and private security related projects supported by GNUCITIZEN and other organizations. The library had many incarnations and not all of them were made public. Simply put, internally we call everything AttackAPI that relats to common set of routines useful for offensive research. [...]

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