The Agile Hacking Project

This is a quick announcement regarding the Agile Hacking project. For those of you who are not familiar with this project, there is a post that you can go through over here.

So, the Agile Hacking project has found a new home in the newly established House of Hackers V2 initiative, which is essentially the House of Hackers‘ wiki. We plan to use V2 as our main project repository. [...]

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Reverse Shell with Bash

I am stuck at the Dubai International Airport and I have nothing else interesting to do. So, I though I might share a simple technique which will go into the Agile Hacking project. Here I will show you how to create a reverse command shell without using any 3rd-party tools such as the all mighty netcat.

When we compromise a machine we often need to provide ourselves with a user friendly access to the system. This is where command shells come into place. [...]

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Agile Hacking

Help us create the best hacking reference/manual/book ever made. We provide the scene, the resources and the money, and you keep the credits and the control over the eventual profits. Read on.

During the next couple of months we are open for your submissions. The idea is to harvest the knowledge of the crowds in order to create the best hacker manual ever made. The process is very simple. [...]

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