Old-school Remote Command Exec Vulnerabilities on Avaya Intuity

Remember those old remote command exec vulns where you had a CGI script such as a perl program which would take input from the client to construct command strings that would then be passed to the shell environment? Well, there were tons of those affecting diagnostic scripts available on the web interface of Avaya Intuity Audix LX.

These vulnerabilities, although cool, are not critical since you need to be logged into the interface in order to exploit them. [...]

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What is the best way to spend a quiet, weekend afternoon? – Jump off a perfectly working plane while 10,000 feet in the air.

On 5th of July 2009, the GNUCITIZEN team and friends came together to perform a skydiving gig. It has been two months since that day but memories are still as clear as yesterday.

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Free Web Application Security Testing Tool

Automated Web Application Security Testing tools are in the core of modern penetration testing practices. You cannot rely 100% on the results they produce, without considering seriously their limitations. However, because these tools are so good at picking the low-hanging fruit by employing force and repetition, they still have a place in our arsenal of penetrating testing equipment.

These tools are not unfamiliar to modern day penetration testers. [...]

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Of Sec Cons and Magstripe Gift Cards

I’ve been meaning to talk about CONFidence and EUSecWest for quite a while, but May was such an intense month for me, that’s hardly left me with any time for other things. I eventually got caught up with other matters, which resulted in me publishing this post about 2 months late.

I’ve been researching, pentesting, and preparing two different presentations which I gave at CONFidence in Krakow, and EUSecWest in London. pdp has also been busy presenting at AusCERT2009. [...]

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CVE-2009-1151: phpMyAdmin Remote Code Execution Proof of Concept

I couldn’t find any public PoC/exploit for this phpMyAdmin vulnerability, despite it being a serious bug affecting a popular open-source project. I think this vulnerability is a nice reminder that it’s still possible to perform remote command execution these days without relying on SQL injection (i.e.: xp_cmdshell) or a memory corruption bug (i.e.: heap overflow). [...]

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Hacking Linksys IP Cameras (pt 5)

This article is a continuation of the following GNUCITIZEN articles: Hacking Linksys IP Cameras (pt 1), Hacking Linksys IP Cameras (pt 2), Hacking Linksys IP Cameras (pt 3), Hacking Linksys IP Cameras (pt 4).

Mounting the filesystem on your workstation

There are many ways to mount the camera’s filesystem using the firmware binary. In this post, we’ll explain one way to mount firmware version v1.00R24 which is the latest available for the WVC54GCA model. [...]

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Breaking Into a Home With an iPhone

This is going to be one of these quick posts which just makes you think what the information security landscape will be like in 5 years. Before I move on with my commentary, here is a video which is essential for you to watch.

Got the idea? No? Let me explain. What you see in the video above is an application for the iPhone which gives you detailed characteristics of properties (houses) in USA. [...]

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Extensions at War

Oh yes, the digital battlefield is taking unusual shapes. The latest manifestation of cyber warfare is a conflict between the Adblock Plus and the NoScript extensions. The story goes that NoScript used some JavaScript tactics and, of course, some obfuscations in order to cripple the Adblock Plus functionalities. This attack was a response to Adblock Plus blocking NoScript ads which you see when you upgrade the extension, which as you know happens quite regularly, don’t know why. [...]

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Exploit Sweatshop

When I was playing/introducing the partial disclosure practice an year and something ago, I did get contacted by numerous dodgy characters willing to buy yet undisclosed vulnerabilities for substantial amount of money. Of course, requests of that nature were kindly ignored. I couldn’t believe that someone was willing to give me so much money for something I virtually spent 2-3 hours maximum to produce. [...]

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Jeriko Group and Source Code Repository

Jeriko moved in its own source code repository which you will be able to find here. There is also a discussion group here, if you feel like using it.

The version inside the new code repository is very different from the version you’ve seen before. The main difference is that while the old version is basically a collection of scripts, the new version implements its own shell (wrapper around bash) which does the heavily lifting and also introduces some funky programming mechanisms. [...]

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