In the last couple of months the GNUCITIZEN group has been secretively working on projects of various nature. We've jump started, the only organization that deals with web blog security exclusively, and we also introduced great improvements into the GNUCITIZEN Gadgets Interface, which rocks as you can see from its project page here. Let's not forget about AttackAPIv3, which will be available for download as soon as we fix the documentation, and Hakiri, which will make its way through as the first hacker lifestyle portal very soon. Today we are announcing a new project called Securls and we hope that you will find it as interesting and useful as we do.

Securls is a place where you can get the latest headlines from the security industry social networks. The website will allow you to glance through the most important bits and pieces without the hustle to manage and organize the vast streams of information yourself. At the moment the website is relatively small. However further improvements are planned to be launched very soon, so please stay tuned. So far, you can get the latest entries from a list of websites we believe cover large enough user base. Of course we are open for any suggestions that you may have in mind. In the upcoming months, we are going to integrate context sensitive system which will allow you to filter the information that is most relevant to you. Among the planned improvements we have things such as the Google Hacking Database and integration, video casts, tutorials, presentations, etc. We are also going to improve the current feeds and launch Securls version for mobiles.

It is important to understand that Securls is not the traditional link directory most sites provide anyway. Behind the scenes we work with the latest Mashup technology to integrate information sources, perform contextual searches, filter relevant information and in general provide the best quality of service available today. We are proud of what we've got so far.

Securls is part of the GNUCITIZEN group initiative. For more information about our mission statement, visit the about page from where you can get information about the group members as well. If you have a proposal, question, suggestion or correction, please visit the contact page or email us directly. You can subscribe to the feed to get the latest headlines from GNUCITIZEN or simply visit Securls.